Hat Number FOURTEEN 

I do believe that modeling this particular headdress is a mild form of torture.  When I created it I had no intentions of practicality in mind.  I wanted it big, dramatic, beautiful, enchanted, and powerful.  Comfort, weight and wearability had zero influence in my design plans :-)  And so it became exactly those things- big, dramatic, beautiful, enchanted, powerful, uncomfortable, heavy, and hard to wear.   :-)  Simultaneously it’s one of the most difficult pieces I have ever tried to photograph, this being my third attempt!  I was delighted when Ulorin offered to come model for me, as I felt her aesthetic suited the piece perfectly and it required a super skilled model to pull it off.  So it is with great appreciation of her efforts and those of all other creative souls involved that I will share the personal and sentimental story of how this hat came to be.

A dear friend of mine was struggling with cancer and she identified strongly with the symbolism of the Phoenix.  She felt this majestic bird reflected her struggle with this debilitating illness, and her plans to rise from the flames in empowered glory once she recovered.  I created another Phoenix piece for her and she came to shoot it in my studio.  When the photographer didn’t show up I ended up photographing her instead, and that was my first official photo shoot.  I will be forever grateful to her for starting me on this creative path when I was previously afraid to pick up a camera :-)

It is no wonder that when I was crafting this piece, she was heavy in my mind.  At this point she was back in the hospital and fighting courageously to survive.   I reflected fondly on the day we met and how moment she walked into my house I knew we would be friends forever.  She played a large part in teaching me yoga and each night when I would do my practice I would pray to the skies above that she would be OK.  Her smile was magnetic, her energy intoxicating, her warmth welcoming and genuine. 

Sadly my beautiful friend passed away, which came as a surprise to me.  I truly believed she would be OK, she was soooo alive that the concept that she could die seemed impossible.    Shortly after her death I sat at my computer thinking of her, missing her, feeling as though she were still alive and standing in my house wearing dirty yoga pants and teaching class to  the sounds of dub step.  The hat was sitting in the loft just above where I was seated and I kid you not, it fell out of the sky and knocked into me.  It’s as though it took flight and from the realms beyond death she came back to give me a little nudge.  So hello out there, beautiful woman, if you are still tapped into this planet!  I love you!

Thank you to all the exceptional folks who helped make this shoot happen… The beautiful Ulorin Vex who arrived here at 9 am on a Sunday without a single complaint, Khoa Bui who mentored me in lighting and setting my camera properly, the beautiful Alexia Petre who graciously adorned our models face with whimsical makeup artistry, and Gita from S&G Clothing for the spectacular leather ruffle top.  You are all super extra rad :-)

is Ulorin Vex
check out her modeling and amazing illustrations
Wardrobe by S&G Clothing
Makeup by Alexia Petre
Hat by Bubbles And Frown

Shot at Pillar Box Studios

(via ulorinvex)


New for Tragically Adorned jewelry :)

MODEL : Ulorin Vex
PHOTOGRAPHER : Catherine Day
CLOTHES : Freyagushi couture
YEAR : 2008


Nina Kate and I from the Allan Amato workshop we modelled for recently in London. Both outfits by Jane Doe Latex <3

MODEL : Ulorin Vex
PHOTOGRAPHER : Rebecca Parkes
YEAR : 2008

(Source :

MODEL : Ulorin Vex
PHOTOGRAPHER : Phantom Orchid
CLOTHES : Bibian Blue
YEAR : 2009

(Source :

MODEL : Ulorin Vex
YEAR : 2012